Energy Communities in the European Union

In this ASSET study, we investigated European energy communities, taking as a starting point the latest policy initiatives (Clean Energy Package, and concepts of Citizens – and Renewable energy communities) triggered at European level.

The assessment of energy communities looked at the inner dynamics, in terms of value creation and value sharing, focusing respectively on the key relationships energy communities had to master (like retail business for energy sharing or access to support schemes for cooperative investment in renewable energy) and the way the value could be split over time between their actively participating members.

To further feed our assessment, we engaged with many stakeholders, whose insights significantly contributed to this exploratory study. Interviews were performed, we circulated an online questionnaire throughout the EU-28 National Authorities and we finally organized a dedicated workshop with more than 75 participants.

The Final Report sums up insights recommendations gathered through our analysis to facilitate further implementation of energy communities at national level.

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