Consumer satisfaction KPIs for the roll-out of smart metering in the EU Member States

The study should be viewed in the context of supporting actions for delivering the “new deal” for consumers as described in the Energy Union strategy, and the new Market Design Initiative under the “Clean Energy for All” Package. Its objective is to design, building on available best practices, a comprehensive framework with key performance indicators (KPIs) to systematically and transparently monitor progress and satisfaction from a consumer perspective and ultimately establish the success of smart metering deployment in the EU. To this respect, the study should carefully analyse the effect of smart metering on consumers in terms of:
• context, considering that a certain action could have both negative and positive impacts;
• demographics, including potential consumer vulnerabilities e.g. how to adjust information provision and smart metering services to address energy poverty, but also different levels of ICT literacy/ ability to use technology, as shown in recent studies

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