The ASSET Project (Advanced System Studies for Energy Transition) aims at providing studies in support to EU policy making, research and innovation in the field of energy. Studies are in general focussed on the large-scale integration of renewable energy sources in the EU electricity system and consider, in particular, aspects related to consumer choices, demand-response, energy efficiency, smart meters and grids, storage, RES technologies, etc. Furthermore, connections between the electricity grid and other networks (gas, heating and cooling) as well as synergies between these networks are assessed.

The ASSET studies not only summarize the state-of-the-art in these domains, but also comprise detailed qualitative and quantitative analyses on the basis of recognized techniques in view of offering insights from a technology, policy (regulation, market design) and business point of view.

ASSET is an EU-funded project.


At the helm of the Energy Transition, Tractebel provides a full range of services throughout the life cycle of its clients' projects. As one of the worlds largest engineering consultancy companies and with more than 150 years of experience, we are able to offer our customers multidisciplinary solutions in energy, water and infrastructure. Our broad range of expertise extends across Europe, Africa Asia, Middle East and Latin America, allowing us to rise to our clients' most demanding challenges with the same high-quality engineering and consulting services no matter where their projects are. Thanks to its networking structure and global approach. Tractebel can offer multidisciplinary solutions. anywhere in the world.




Navigant, a Guidehouse company is a key player in sustainable energy solutions and climate change issues. Forming a powerful team with Navigant. Navigant is part of the leading global energy consultancy. Profound knowledge, innovation and dedication are what drive our daily work. These ambitions and skills are reflected in our leadership in Europe and the Middle East. The Navigant company values are part of the daily working life. They define the culture and guide the company in choosing what is right. They constitute Navigant' identity and bind the company as a group of individuals. They establish expectations and predictability within the company and in the relations to clients, partners and other stakeholders. At the very basis they imply respect and responsibility for people and planet




E3-Modelling (E3M) is a spin-off company based on expertise and model developments created through research activities performed since 1989, within E3MLab of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) of the National Technical University of Athens. E3M has fully inherited the personnel, their expertise, the modelling tools and references of E3MLab. The well-established models PRIMES, GEM-E3, Prometheus, PRIMES-Internal Electricity Market, PRIMES-electricity market oligopoly, PRIMES-natural gas market, PRIMES-TREMOVE transport models, PRIMES-Biomass and others fully operate at E3M and provide consultancy services to several clients, among which governments in Europe, the European Commission, Professional Associations and private entities. E3-Modelling specializes in the development and use of large-scale applied models and carries out impact assessment studies focusing in the fields of economy, energy and the environment. The company provides consultancy services based on the use of complex large-scale applied mathematical models and inherits the curriculum of E3MLab, the modelling experience and the personnel. E3Modelling has already significant references with projects using major large-scale models such as PRIMES, PRIMES-TREMOVE, GEM-E3 and Prometheus. The company provides modelling capacity building, regional and sectoral, customized models and consultancy services for quantitative policy assessments together with analytical expertise.


In order to cover the technical and professional capacity requested for the contract, we have identified highly qualified experts who are specialized in services to be provided. It is worth underlining that all experts are “in-house” and that the consortium can therefore react rapidly to any demand from the European Commission by setting up the adequate and appropriate project team. The qualifications of most experts meet more than one task area, which enhances team compositions to address specific requests. The experts of the consortium also have a worldwide experience enabling them to benchmark European practices.

The project is lead by Sarah Ouziaux (sarah.ouziaux@tractebel.engie.com) supported by a Coordination and Quality Board composed of experienced representatives of the different companies involved in the consortium.

Sarah Ouziaux


Charlier Laurence


Gerd Küpper


Capros Pantelis


Kielichowska Izabela


The consortium bases its expertise on feedback and sharing of experience on past projects and initiatives in European countries. It also relies on models and tools sometimes developed internally and suited to the evolution of energy systems. In particular, the consortium can apply existing and regularly updated models with different granularity in function of the topic to be addressed.